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The Tandem Banner, achtergrond



Exploring the fun of learning!

Kinderen leren hun kennes toe te passen in de tuin.
Learning by doing.
Content is practiced in useful and valuable activities.

The Tandem

tandem • noun •  /ˈtændəm/

a bicycle for two riders, one behind the other.

in tandem (with somebody/something)

​if somebody/something works or happens in tandem with somebody/something else, they work together or happen at the same time

(source: Oxford Dictionary)

Why did we choose 'The Tandem' as the name for our school?


We work from the interest of the children and thus create a high motivation and eagerness to learn.


Nature and neighborhood

The world is our classroom. We incorporate the neighborhood and the environment into our projects.

Care for every child

This education system offers the opportunity to provide support and challenges, to each child individually.


Skills and Values

We focus on skills and values. These are necessary for the learning process as well as the future.


Small scale

In order to safeguard the quality of the education system, we keep the classes small, with a max. of 20 children per classroom.

Total development

We pay equal attention to the intellectual development as well as the physical, emotional, mental, social and creative development of each child.

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