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A day in the classroom

We establish a daily routine.


8.00  Drop-off

The parents drop off their children. The children can take out materials from the classroom and start working.


8.20 The circle.

We start our morning routine. We check the day, the calender and the weather. The children get the time, each on turn, to talk about their feelings, their thoughts, ...

From what the children talk about, activities and subjects are selected. Also the teacher adds an activity.


9.00 Worktime.

The children get to work. They can choose to continue working where they left of before the circle started. Or they choose to work on an activity that came out of the morning-conversation.


9.50 Fruit and recess

The children go wash their hands. We eat a piece of fruit together. Afterwards, the children go play outside.


10.20 Worktime.

The children continue working. When children are done with their activity, they tidy up and can choose another activity.

11.45 Lunch and recess

After washing their hands, the children eat a healthy lunch. We spend recess outside.


12.45 Worktime.

We start with a short group activity. Afterwards the children continue working on their project, activity, ..


14.00 Snack and recess

We tidy up our materials, wash our hands and eat a snack. Afterwards we go outside for a short recess


14.30 Assembly

We assemble in the circle and review our day. What did we do today? What did we enjoy doing? What not? What did we find difficult? What do we continue with tomorrow to succeed in our project?

We finish the day with a short group activity. We get our school bags ready to go home.


15.00 End of the day.

The Parents come to pick up their child.

Some of our activities don't take place on a daily basis, but are organised weekly, monthly, seasonally or yearly.

Read more about them on our page 'Freinet in the Tandem'. 

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